Review: How to Install AppleScripts or JXA Scripts

###Review comments are solicited for this draft article I just published:
How to Install AppleScripts or JXA Scripts

I wrote this article after having extensively searched the Internet for such an article, but found nothing really focused on just the installation/use of scripts. From time to time I publish AppleScript (and hopefully soon JXA) scripts for others to use. Many times the users have little to no familiarity with AppleScript. So, I have endeavored to provide a simple, succinct set of instructions on how to install and use scripts written by others.

So, I very much would like to have review comments from people who have rarely, if ever, used AppleScript to moderate users to script developers. Please help me improve these instructions for everyone’s benefit.

Please feel free to post your comments here.

Many thanks to all that respond.

Best Regards,

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Hey JM,

I’d go ahead and add relevant pictures of the Script Editor.

Some people have never seen it and have no clue.


Good point.