Run a Macro When I Plug the Ultrawide Monitor

I'd like to quit Bartender when I plugged the LG ultrawide into the MacBook Air. But, I am at a lost on how I can find out what is the name of the device.

I tried to use a %TriggerValue% following the wiki example but I don't think this is right. Please help me. Thank you so much.

Here are a couple of ideas:

  1. Use the KM SCREENCOUNT() function inside a continuously running macro to detect when your second screen has been attached and then perform the appropriate actions.
  2. Use a third party utility such as Eventscripts to trigger your KM macro when an external screen is connected.

Personally I’d prefer the second approach - but that’s up to you to decide.

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Yesterday’s update to Bartender solve this problem for me. It will show all the hidden menu bar items if a display is X width. You define the X in the preference. Ah, my poor KM skills saved by the app :slight_smile: