Run a macro whenever any macro runs

I would like to run a macro whenever any macros runs. Specifically I'd like to display the text "Keyboard Maestro is running" while a macro is running.

I assume the "While" action is the best way to do this, but it forces you to specify either a specific Macro or a Macro Group.

I would like for this WHILE action to run whenever any Macro is active. Is this possible? Thanks in advance for any help!


I don't think that is possible, and I also think you would grow tired of it after a while. :wink:

IAC, maybe this will meed your need:

I use this KM Status Icon (shown in the Apple menu bar) and it is very obvious.

Here's what it looks like when a Macro is running:


Thanks @JMichaelTX this looks like a great workaround! The link is currently broken though :slightly_frowning_face:

Does anyone have the file handy? (20.0 KB) (34.9 KB) (4.8 KB) (7.3 KB)

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