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Hey Everyone,
I have an situation where the Developer tools are selected (Allow Java Script from Apple Events), but the KM action "Click Link..." won't recognize/see the links on certain pages for either Chrome or Safari. It will recognize/see the links on some websites but not on others. Any suggestions on what might be gong on? On another note, another KM user, who is a friend of mine, who accesses his account on the same web platform has no problems with the action recognizing/seeing the links. We both volunteer/work for the same institution but have different accounts at this institution. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you!

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In order to help, we need details about your issue.

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Well, it is the same problem that is listed here: Chrome: Clicking links on Google Websites no longer works

Chrome: Clicking links on Google Websites no longer works

Hey Shawn,

Websites are often very complex, and Keyboard Maestro cannot always see links in a given page due to the way it's constructed.

In those cases you have to try working with the code of the page either by parsing it directly or querying the DOM with JavaScript.


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You can see a couple of examples in this thread:

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