Safari Bookmark Issue

When I first created this simple macro to re-map the Add Bookmark key from Cmd-D to Cmd-B it worked.

I am not sure why, but it no longer works. I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on why it is failing?

Download: Safari Add Bookmark.kmmacros (20.0 KB)



If the macro “does nothing”, use the Interactive Help in the Help menu to determine why.

First guess, you upgraded to Ventura, Safari moved location, and the macro group is no longer active in Safari. Reselect Safari in the macro group configuration to resolve this.

But Interactive Help would tell you what the issue is more explicitly.

Thank you Peter,

Re-linking Safari to the group appears to have solved the issue. I had tried to re-link Safari within the macro itself but this did not work.


Mark this lesson well.

This remedy is one of the first to try when macros in a group start failing.

And the Interactive Help will often solve your problem in a tick.