Safari URL based macros

Hi folks. One of the websites I use frequently ( has a number of specific key commands that perform functions within it. I'm also using Metagrid Pro quite extensively to control my apps, and when using it in Cubase, I've found a way to open different grids based on what editor window is open within Cubase using the If action.

So my question is this: Is there a good way to have KM detect the source URL in the front window/tab, if it's from a specific URL have it trigger my CueDB macro, and if it's from anywhere else have it trigger my main Safari macro? Ideally it'd switch as different windows or tabs are brought into focus. I've got this type of thing working quite well in Cubase, but haven't quite figured out how to get the URL source working.


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Create a macro triggered by front window changes in your Safari group.

IF text %SafariURL% contains specific URL
THEN execute CueDB Macro
ELSE execute main Safari macro

Hey, thanks for the reply. I had gotten most of the way there, but was using MIDI CC messages to trigger my Metagrid Pro grids, and had mis-routed things. All's working now, much appreciated!

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