Same USB Devices, Different Keystrokes

Hi there, pretty novice user here.

I am working on a project where I am using multiple Logitech r400 presenter remotes (found below) to simulate keystrokes on my mac. I would love to treat each remote as a separate USB device but unfortunately Keyboard Maestro (and Karabiner Elements) recognizes them as the same.

I am trying to use these remotes as "game show buzzers" thus the need for them to trigger separate keystrokes. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

  • Ben

I found a similar issue over on the karabiner elements forum:

No idea how to even run an apple script or .json Very novice, haha

You can use Hot Key triggers, which can swallow the keystroke, but cannot differentiate between “keyboards”, or you can use the USB Device Key trigger, which can detect (but not swallow) most keystrokes, and can differentiate between keyboards.

So, if the device connects via USB, and if it acts like a reasonable HID device, and if its keystrokes are detectable by Keyboard Maestro, then you can probably use the USB Device Key trigger with it.