Save and recall a selection of variables

Thanks! Looking forward to the update.

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Oooh! That's the first hint I've seen as to what's coming in v9! So exciting! It appears that JSON is a typed data structure (I've never used JSON, but I've certainly used data records before.) I like data. This will help me.

I may be reading too much, but I'm going to make a wild guess that there will be actions that let us read and write JSON values into regular KM variables using a sequence of fields in a KM action, something like the Search Variable action's dynamically-created fields:

Instead of a regular expression, that field will instead be a multi-line JSON schema. And when a valid schema is placed into the field, a series of nested variables/fields will be dynamically created to correspond to each of the fields in the data structure. It would also be nice if KM handled the nested nature of a JSON structure by using dots between levels, like this: