Save Variable

I have this scenario in some of my other Macros, but I can't seem to get it to work for this setup.

I have a Macro that at one point it saves the time as a variable of "DAT__time" from an Excel sheet and then another Macro pastes it into a message.

Here is where it saves it...

And this is where I call it back and past it back in the message...

But this is what I get when I paste it back into the message...
41 AM

Hey Steve,

The problem is that you’re currently not actually saving the clipboard to the DAT__time variable after copying. Make sure the Set Variable action is set to %SystemClipboard% and it should then paste the correct data.

Ok, I really messed something up.
Which one was supposed to get changed?

I have the first one as this now.

and the 2nd one as this...



Yeah, that looks right now. Is it still not producing the results you expect?

No, it is not.
I thought I found the error on the first Macros I had the DAT_time with 1 underscore instead of 2 DAT__time, so I changed it and what that did was give me the date followed by the date instead of the date followed by the time.

Saturday 01/27/18 @ 01/27/18 eastern time.

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Instead of ...

Saturday 01/27/18 @ 06:30 PM eastern time.

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Here are the two Macros I'm working with.
The first will copy the time from a spreadsheet as well as some other things and the 2nd with past it into the message I want to send out.

Keyboard Maestro 8.0.4 “Set Post Date and Time” Macro

Set Post Date and Time.kmmacros (13 KB)

Keyboard Maestro 8.0.4 “Date and time to message” Macro

Date and time to message.kmmacros (7.1 KB)

Steve, I don’t think I understand your workflow.
From what I understand, your FIRST macro does NOT just copy the time from a spreadsheet.

You start out setting the Variable DAT__time using the ICU date/time token, but then you paste it somewhere, and then you copy something back into it.

BTW, I would NOT use the approach you are using to move the mouse to an absolute position. There are many ways to position the mouse, but this would be my absolute last resort.

I’m not going to try to debug your macros since I don’t understand your workflow.

To get the best help, please post the following.

  1. Your exact workflow, step by step
  2. Name all apps that are being used, as you use them
  3. When you need to select something, describe how you identify it manually (like the third row from the top in the first column).
  4. Screenshots of the region on the screen where the actions take place.
  5. If using a web site, post the URL