Scan a collection of images to detect on the screen

I have a collection of images, each of these images will have currently 2 data points.

When the macro is ran I am trying to scan 3 sections of the screen (it's consistent positioning unless I accidentally move the window)

The current setup (for example)

If - Found image is ------- (ex Image1) placed inside the macro
Then Let Variable 1 = Data1
Then Let Variable 2 = Data2

Loop until a number variable reaches 4 (Once it's hit 4 we have the 3 images processed) terminate macro

I'm cycling through probably 60 images right now. This was the fastest way to test what I am doing, but I'm guessing there's probably a more elegant less taxing way to do this.

I was also thinking about targeting certain areas of the screen (since the position of the 3 images is consistent) and thought that would be less taxing and speed the process up.

Maybe a way to list the filenames themselves with the data points in a csv file and loading that in for reference and passing that on to something else?

Just thinking out loud if anybody has any ideas, I'm game to learn something new.

Thank You!

I am not entirely understanding what you are doing.

One solution for this is to have Keyboard Maestro actively position and size the window at the start.

Searching in a smaller area will definitely be faster.

This may be easier to solve after version 9 is released, so if you are not in a rush, you might like to defer this for a few months. But again, I don't entirely understand what you're trying to do, so I could be wrong.