Script Editor is Loading Binary Garbage

I want to check if a MacOS application supports AppleScript, so I load it into Script Editor. I used to be able to do this, but now every file is loaded in some unreadable binary format. I googled this problem and searched these forums but was unable to find an explanation or fix for this.

Either script editor loads garbage into its window, or it goes into "Not Responding" mode for a very long time. I have to terminate it, and sometimes it even causes Finder to "Not Respond" and even Force Quit doesn't reload Finder. And it happens on both my M1 Mac and my Intel Mac. And rebooting doesn't help.

Whatever happened to "it just works"?

In Script Editor, in the File menu, use Open Dictionary.

If the app is not in the next dialog, it doesn't have AppleScript support.

Well, right Script Editor crashes (Not Responding) even when opening it fresh. I'll have to reboot to try it again. I seem to get one shot to start Script Editor. If I load an app, Script Editor and Finder are so badly damaged I have to reboot. I'll let you know in 5 minutes if I can open Script Editor.

No, even after rebooting, Script editor auto-launches and goes into Not Responding. I don't have "Open at Login" set for Script Editor, so why would it launch on boot? How do I stop it from launching and Not Responding on reboot?

Okay, another reboot helped (and holding down Shift while booting may have helped too). I was able to see those dictionaries, and I was able to open one of them that way. The only catch is that the app I wanted to check is in the Utilities folder, so I guess you want me to manually move the app into the Applications folder to get that to work. I'll try it and let you know.

I was able to check if the macOS apps I wanted (Dictionary, Digital Color Meter) had dictionaries, and they don't. :sleepy:

Thanks for the solution, which I will mark as a solution.

P.S. This website has an icon of a crying face, (that's what it looks like to me, above) and it's called "sleepy". That's strange. Do people cry when they are sleepy?

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I'm happy that you eventually got it to work.

Regarding the auto-launch, do you have anything in System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items?

Or in /Library/StartupItems ?

Or in /Library/LaunchAgents ?

Or in /Library/LaunchDaemons ?

And I don't cry when I am sleepy — I yawn. :yawning_face:

The RogueAmoeba software is probably from "Audio Hijack" which may be the only software I have besides KM, but it did require a kernel extension to be installed. The other item is an Apple product:

Are you going to tell me to remove any of these items? I haven't used Audio Hijack in quite a while. But because of the kernel extension I'm not sure if I would require a reinstall of macOS.

Nope. I was hoping to see possible culprits, but those should not be the cause.

When you restart, do you have this checkmark checked?

I just tried to restart, and it does show the box checked. I'm so embarrassed. That explains why Script Editor was restarting. You basically solved two problems in the same thread. Thanks.

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Yes… but usually only for the first couple of years.

:baby_bottle: :baby: