Search body of a macro, not just the title?

Perhaps I've just missed a setting or preference, but is it possible to add tags or keywords (such as in the comment action) in the body of the macro? Using the search box in the KBM Editor, I seem to only be able to search for words that are included in the title of macros, but I would like to be able to perform a search that looks for words within the body of the text of a macro, not just in the name of the macro.

Keyboard Maestro searches the contents of macros as well as the titles of actions. If there is specific cases where it is not finding text, that is possibly an omission which you can report as a bug (menu Help ➤ Report Bugs or Feature Requests).

That said, the searching has been redone substantially for 7.0, and it definitely does search both the comment title and comment fields, but I just checked and the comment field was not being searched in 6.x, so it is resolved for the future.

Is it possible in KM 7 to restrict a Smart Group search to macro titles (thus not including Actions in the search)?

Hey Kirby,

I think not.

Time for a feature request perhaps. :smile:


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