Search for a named file in a window a program has just opened and then open that file


I'm new to KM - two days in and almost certainly making all the mistakes that new users make. Apologies for that. I'm using KM alongside Metagrid - the latter uses Midi Notes / Channels, rather than keystrokes, to action KM's macros. It's all working well so far.

A program I'm working with has a simple facility that enables users to record macros (scripts - actually lua scripts). When users run these scripts they are presented with an open Finder Window (I'm on a Mac). They then have to navigate to where the macros are stored, find the macro they want and then click on it to run it.

It is possible that I can get KM to engage with the open Finder Window, navigate to and open the correct directory folder, search for a specific macro/script title and then run it? And do it all in one macro?

If anyone could point out any similar KM macros or give me a clue as to how to achieve it I'd be most grateful - thanks.

The quick answer is yes, but
1: Pl give 3 examples of your macro script titles
2: Are they all in the same folder?
3: How many of them are there?

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Hi jonathon - many thanks for your help.

  1. a. Start Voice b. End Voice c. Custom Layout
  2. Yes
  3. Potentially 100's. But all with different names and I can choose the names.

HI Jonathon,

I’ve found a way to do it! If I use the “Select or show a menu item” function I can find the macros listed in the programs menu.

Thanks once again,

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Not quite sure what you have done, but if it solves it for you .....