Search for a string within a macro?

I occasionally want/need to find all occurrences of a string within the actions of the macro I am editing. (Ideally, I would also like a Search and Replace.) I want this in particular for changing variable names. It is tedious to look for the strings manually, especially when there may be multiple levels of groups/repeats/conditionals that include other macros, which makes it difficult to expand all the actions.

Is there already a way to do that? Would someone be able to write a meta-macro for this? I realize I can just export the macros, edit the resulting kmmacros file in any text editor to change the variable name within the XML (and do whatever else I want, if I am careful), then import the macro back. And that might just be the best approach, but I want to see if this post provokes other ideas or offers.

I’ll post something soon. I’ve been intending on writing this up, so now’s a good time. I’ll have it ready in a few hours, unless it gets complicated.

I’m going to need to do a video for this, so it may not be done today. But I’m working on it now, so it should be soon.


Looking forward to this. Sounds like something that could be very helpfull.

Sorry to disappoint. I guess I won’t be posting this after all. Long story.