Search into table and give different results


I have a table in google spreadsheet with 4 column:
Category, Subcategory, Description, Keywords

I want to run a Macro in KM in which I introduce 1 or more words, KM look into Keywords column and give me back all Category and Subcategory related to those keywords.

Some tips on how to start creating this kind of macro? Thank!!

Probably the easiest is to copy the entire table into a Keyboard Maestro variable and then have Keyboard Maestro process each line of the table and extract the Keywords column and match the words against it.

But it is quite involved.

Ok! Thank you!!!


I get I quite simple way to do that with a Prompt With List and tab separated the cells. I can search into and copy the to system clipboard the values I need, and paste them into where I want. But now I have a little problem. In the Prompt with list, I don't Really want to see everything in a row, only selected text, for example: 1st, 2nd and 4th tabulated field. And if possible to show 1st and 2nd in a row in black and the 4th in a second row in grey. Is this possible with Prompt with List, or can I use another Action todo it?

Or maybe can be sufficient to me that the prompt should be bigger