Search Qualifier Missing in Search Strings?

My question refers to search strings

manual:Search Strings [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

I can't find a way to search for globally active enabled macros which use a hotkey as trigger

If I use the string
gl: e: h:

Although I used gl: which should limit my search to globally active macros, my results are crowded with a large population of globally INACTIVE enabled macros located in macro groups which use a hotkey as trigger and which I am not interested in. I would argue that those macros are not active. They would only be active if I trigger the palette.

In other words, for the purpose of my searches gl: is of very limited (or no) use if macros within palettes are included.

Thank you

This works for me in the Keyboard Maestro Editor.

global: enabled: hotkey:


But there's a distinct difference between active and enabled...

If you want to search only for active macros then use the Trigger Macro by Name action.

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