Searching Clipboard with a Variable

I’m trying to make a macro that will allow me to enter search and replace terms into inputs and then use use them on clipboard text. I come across tiles with annoying non-space spaces (ex. annoying+file+name.txt) and want a quick way to scrub them out. My working logic goes:

  1. Prompt user for Search_String
  2. Prompt user for Replace_String
  3. Search clipboard for %Variable%Search_String%
  4. And Replace with %Variable%Replace_String%
  5. Paste

From what I can tell, you can’t search for a variable. Am I correct in this limitation? Is there a workaround?

Something like this ?

Seems to work fine …

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Should work. This was one of my first KM efforts:

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Now it works. Not sure what I was doing wrong before…