Searching for "-" as first character of a Macro Name?

I just realized when I search a macro name starting with "-" the macro does not appear in the search results. This must be a reserved character. Where can I read more about KM "Search features"? When I search "Search" in the Wiki I don't think I'm finding what I'm looking for.

My reason for adding the "-" is to force the macro near the top when viewing list by name.

try using instead [ ]

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Maybe this?

Terms you want to exclude (-)
You can attach a minus sign - immediately before a keyword to exclude pages that contain this keyword from your search results. For example, the query [ dokuwiki -plugin ] will find pages which contain “DokuWiki” but do not contain “plugin”.


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Thanks, all. And thanks for the link.

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You're welcome.
Actually, that was for the wiki search. :joy:
But, it turns out that the same rule applies to searching the Editor window.

From here:

Search Strings are filters which, in addition to the text you type, can include qualifiers that may be applied to searches for Macros and Actions in:

Keyboard Maestro Editor, Search field
Keyboard Maestro Editor, Smart Group
Trigger Macro by Name Action

At the bottom of the page:

You can use a negative sign (-) to negate any match (for example, “-name:PDF”).

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search for: name:-



No problem. It had the KM editor search link on the page.

I use dots at the beginning of my macro names to give them priority. And I use double dots and triple dots too. It seems to me that dots are "searchable".