Select a file with a Safari dialog window

I have a macro that will launch a website in safari that will click on an "UPLOAD FILE" link.

Can KM select a file in the safari dialog box based a predefined variable?

Try typing "⇧⌘G" and then pasting in the posix path of the file into the resulting input field.


Ah... I did not know there was a key command for this! This will definitely work.
Thanks so much for the help!

Looks like it works to a point... When I use the key command and paste the location of the file that I want to upload... I get the following dialog:

It will not chose the file "TEST-01.png". It is showing two different files"" (my working file) and "TEST-01.png" (my exported file). I thought it would be easy just to use the Type the Return Keystroke or place a Return Token in the line, however both will not register and it just hangs on the dialog.

Here is my code:

Any ideas why I can not progress any further from here?

I suspect that the KM variable that you are using in the Insert text by typing does NOT contain the full path to the item, including extension. If you give it the full path, there can be only one file in that folder with that path, so it will work.

You are correct! Was missing the ".png."
Thank you!!!