Select a keyboard

This one is hard to search for

Before I enter 1Password, I'd like to confirm I'm using the U.S. keyboard.

I looked at select a menu item, but the menu has no name.

And maybe the state should be checked first and then select U.S.

I went around in circles this morning because I forgot I was using a different keyboard, one that I hadn't used for years. Just started studying French again and I had made a special keyboard that mapped some of the accented vowels to the top row of numbers.

Perhaps the KeyboardLayout token will tell you?

Perhaps, indeed.

I used that to put up an alert which in this case may be easier than changing the keyboard with a macro. The reminder of the state of the keyboard is probably best.

Of course, I initially did this because I still don't know how to change the keyboard with KM. And for the number of times this will happen this is probably fine.

Thank you Peter.

There's an action for that:

Thank you. I made the mistake of just looking in the forum. Forgot to search the actions.

Thank you for helping the helpless.

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