Select Clipboard in If Then Else Clipboard Condition?

I just added an If Then Else action to a macro, with a Clipboard condition. I was surprised to find — or am I missing something — that the action does not offer a choice of clipboards? Shouldn’t it?

@MitchellModel -

Good catch!

Whatever you are missing, I am missing the same.
Thanks for posting about it.

Well, what a surprise!
Reading the documentation gives us the answer:

The Clipboard condition looks at the current system clipboard

Thanks to your post, @MitchellModel, I learned two things:

  1. Where the clipboard condition looks (at the current system clipboard).

  2. Where I should look before posting (at the relevant documentation).

I found that I could substitute a Switch/Case action for the If Then Else actions and have a choice of clipboards in a “clipboard contains” test.

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Very useful to know that.
Thank you, @MitchellModel, for starting the topic, and for posting about Switch/Case.

Or just use an IF action like this: