Select Previously USED (Viewed) Safari Tab (not previous tab)

Thank you. It works great and taught me things about KM. And if I study it I know I’ll learn even more.

I made it Safari only, just to avoid any potential conflicts with the shortcut, although I hadn’t previously used it.

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I tried to duplicate this and @pubay’s crash could not even with a cleaned out 6.4.8 install.

If you can send me (email the crashlog, perhaps that will shed some light on the issue (although if it is a 6.x issue, I probably wont be able to do anything about it).

OK, after looking at the crash, it appears that the crash is some sort of font or font cache issue, probably related to the curved arrow unicode character (TOP ARC ANTICLOCKWISE ARROW (I wont include it directly here in case it causes a problem for people)) used in the icon for the macro.

My guess would be that @pubay and @duncmac both have the same font installed that has some sort of corruption in it for that character, but I could be wrong.

There is some font issue debugging help from adobe here.

If you need to clear your font cache, I have used FontNuke. And it works to solve some of the issues I have had with font caches.

Following the above suggestions, I validated my fonts, disabled or removed any problematic fonts, and cleared the font cache for good measure, but all to no avail. KM still crashes when selecting the group with this macro.

Did you try a safe boot? The crashreport indicates it is a problem with the unicode engine and reports on the net for similar crashes (with other applications) indicate it is a font issue and safe boot resolves the problem.

If so, then this version:

Safari - Select Previously Used Tab-3.kmmacros (11.4 KB)

which is the same as the first posted version except with the unicode characters removed would likely resolve the problem for you.

I have now tried a safe boot, but it has made no difference to the crashes. However, the new macro does not cause KM to crash, so thank you for that.

This sounds great.

Any way to adapt this to work with Chrome?

Definitely! Chrome and Safari basically have the same macros so you can just copy and paste the macros over to a Chrome group and make the adjustments, should be pretty straightforward!

Glad to hear! Hope you keep learning cause Keyboard Maestro is! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Kevin, thanks for this great macro. :+1:
This fills a need I have had for some time.

I was able to modify it to work with all three of the major Browsers: Safari, Chrome, and FireFox. However, it does not handle use with multiple Browsers at the same time. I’ve got to make more mods to handle that. When I get that done, and some more testing, I’ll post my version.

But, for my workflow, I rarely have more than one Browser open at a time. So this is working well for me.

Unless I run into unforeseen issues, I should have something ready to upload tomorrow.

I appreciate that! I really like this macro and glad to see your getting as much use out of it as I do, looking forward to seeing your mods!

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Kevin, thanks again for your macros.

You can see my mods here:
Macro Set: Toggle Between Browser Tabs

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Hi Kevin,
Absolutely delighted by discovering your Macro as I could not find anything like it despite extensive internet trawling. This will save me a lot of time AND frustration.
Many thanks!

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Awesome man! Glad to hear it! :smiley:

Thanks a lot. This works like a charm.

Another mod: Toggle between browser tabs


  • KM remembers the exact window of the last tab. So you can toggle between tabs in different windows with one shortcut
  • Developed for Safari (it's possible to adopt it for Chrome with slight modifications, FireFox is not scriptable)

Safari Group Macros.kmmacros (7.1 KB)

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Anyhow, @peternlewis, is there yet an easier way to do it?

Do what? The OPs “Select previously viewer Safari Tab”?

None that I know of.

Yes, understood, thanks.