Send Current URL to Specified Email Address Instantly (Postbox)

This macro can be invoked via hotkey to grab the current (frontmost) URL in Safari and send it instantly via Postbox to a specified email address (or addresses) without opening a compose dialog. The macro takes advantage of the scriptability of Postbox. Postbox must be running.

First, the macro strips referrer cruft (crudely, because I am not an expert at regex), except where the URL contains or (You can junk this part of it and modify the ensuing Applescript to just put the whole URL in the body of the email.)

Then, an Applescript puts the URL title in the subject line and the link in the body and fires the email off to a specified address (replace EMAIL ADDRESS in the script), without opening a compose dialog. It then takes you back to Safari or whatever was the last app you were using.