Send to keystroke to background application won't work with two windows of same name

I have a launcher which results in opening a window titled ~"windowA", I found that KM allows me to send background keypresses to this if I select the process "windowA", but not the launcher in the applications folder. If I have have 2x "windowA" opened, KM just sends the keypress to the frontmost one, and im unable to select sending a keypress to the background one as the are both listed as "windowA" in the KM list. I found a terminal script to rename processes by their PID which is effective in activity monitor, but in the app list of sending a background keypress within KM, there is only one "windowA" listed, not 2x "windowA", and not "windowA"+"renamedwindowA".

Sorry, Keyboard Maestro does not support this. This is a case of "if it works, great, if not, you will have to find another solution".