Sending a key combo AND selecting a menu

I tossed together a quit little macro that runs when Safari is activated and has two actions

  1. Press a key combination
  2. Select a menu in Saf

The macro definitely fires when Safari becomes active, but only the first action is triggered. Do I have to add a delay or something? How long of a delay? I did try adding a delay of 0.2 and 0.5 seconds, but I still only got the first action.

(Sorry, I have forgotten how to get a ‘pretty’ version of the macro without just screenshooting it).

For a full length macro screenshot:

Could you please post a screenshot of your macro and describe what you'd like it to do, specifically.

Apologize, entirely PEBKAC error. Somehow when I was re-ordering the actions I was always deactivating the second action. I don’t know how, but with my screen fairly dim in dark mode I did not notice.

weirdly missing from the r-click menu.

:joy: Had to look that up. Made me laugh. Glad it's sorted.