Sending complex keystrokes to a VM running Windows 10

OK, not sure if there is a way I can get KM to do this. I have tried, but using the keystroke macro is not quite giving me enough power/flexibility.

I am running a VM (VMWare Fusion). In that VM I am running JAWS screen reader. Many of the key commands in that software are complicated and require a full size keyboard (for example, many use the Insert key).

Let's say JAWS requires a command of Insert + F6. I can't seem to find a way to get KM to do a keystroke that has all those characters. It will send Insert key (which I should point out I have already mapped to the right Option key in Karibiner Elements), but not that AND function F6.

If I can get one example of how to do this, that would be great. However, it may be that I need to have something happening in KM and also in an app running inside Windows.

Ultimately, I want to then have keyboard Hot Key Triggers and MIDI triggers (I have a very handy pad controller that would be really good for triggering different modes/functions in JAWS on this VM).

Any pointers appreciated. :slight_smile: