Sending Real-Time Data to Keyboard Maestro

What's the best way to send real-time data KM? In this scenario, a macro would be continuously running as basically a process. AppleScript is the only way I can think of. Any other ideas?

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Please be more specific about what you're doing.

  • What kind of data?
  • What kind of update frequency?
  • What's Keyboard Maestro going to do with it?


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Thank you, Chris. Good questions—

  • Data: Packets of 32 integers or floats (but not both)

  • Frequency: It's not possible to know, but probably faster than a KM can (and should) handle. Fortunately, a sampling of the packets is fine; ideally the period would be (roughly) higher than 50 ms.

  • Function: KM will perform simple calculations at O(1), broadcasting the results as a real-time stream (of integers or floats, but not both) to user applications. (The broadcast frequency would be similar to the incoming stream.)

Thank you.

I'm looking to do a similar thing as @notsteve. I would like to have a remote HomeKit automation periodically send temperature and humidity data to my local instance using an http POST message so I can run a KM macro based on what is happening on a HomeKit sensor in a house in another state.

Currently I have a HomeKit automation that sends data to a Google Sheets spreadsheet using the excellent instructions provided by a person named Reinoud Elhorst at this site:

Instead of doing the http POST to Google Sheets I'd like KM to capture the data.

Is there an easy way to do this in KM? It would be great if the remote web trigger could accept data somehow like a subroutine.

Thanks for listening.

There is, indeed. There are two actions for chron jobs, one of which will probably be perfect. (Let me know if you need more info.)

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