Set Field To setting & instead of ampersand


One of my macros is setting field to text from a variable, and is inserting & instead of an ampersand. Is there any way to force the ampersand, without resorting to focus field and insert text by typing?


KM doesn’t do anything to change ampersands. So something has to be going on.

Never mind. It’s not KM that’s changing the ampersand, it’s the site. When I continue to the next page, and return via their “edit” button, the ampersands are changed to &. Should’ve tested more thoroughly before posting :blush:

OK, that’s what I thought was happening. :slight_smile:

Glad I could help clarify your issue - there’s nothing worse than jumping to the wrong conclusion, then spending hours scratching your head, only to find out the issue was something else entirely! I do it all the time… sigh… :rolling_eyes:

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