Set key combination to perform action?

Let's say I'm using Finder and I want to have this:
1 - Shortcut is used (Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+G). KM is now ready to accept more instructions
2 - I hit the M key. KM is still waiting for more instructions on actions that use the M key
3 - I hit the B key. KM now knows that the combination of those 3 "actions" is to open the Main Backups folder on my computer.

Is this possible natively? Or would it be super complex and involve AppleScript?


Hi @iamdannywyatt - this recent discussion covers an almost identical question:

You might want to try searching the KM forum for other similar topics!

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Thank you so much!
That thread seems filled with great tips and knowledge. Definitely will check it out :slight_smile:

So for my particular scenario at the moment what I did as a workaround was:
I set up F4 to start a macro set to Trigger Macro by Name
Then I have another macro group where I have all the macros I want to have available. Since this workflow is for Finder to go to certain folders, I named by macros based on the key combination so for example if I want finder to go to Main Backups folder, I will name the macro mb - Go to Main Backups folder.
Now all I need to do is hit F4 > mb. This is the list I have so far and it's been working :slight_smile:
Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 2.21.23 PM