Set Safari Checkbox Action (v9.2) Not Doing What I Want

Set Safari Checkbox Action (v9.2)

Hi all. Still trying to get my WooCommerce Orders page to be more automated.

So it starts like this, for example:

Screen Shot 5.09.38 PM

When doing it manually, clicking either the top or bottom Order checkboxes checkmarks/selects all orders. But using…

Set Safari Checkbox.kmactions (432 B)

… yields this:
Screen Shot 5.12.08 PM

… and changing it to:
Screen Shot 5.12.40 PM

… yields this:
Screen Shot 5.12.55 PM

How do I get this to work right, which would be that KM would select all orders, regardless of order number or how many orders there are?

Thanks ahead of time for any help.