Shortcuts in Craft

I'm loving Craft but it seems to have some weird limitations with keyboard shortcuts.

It has these three buttons/tabs that allow the user to switch between Note list, Calendar, and Search views but I can find no way to hook into them.

Any Craft + KM wizards have suggestions?

Should be fairly striaghtforward:

Pseudo-code for the first button:

Macro title: First button
Trigger: Cmd+1

  1. If Find image finds image on screen (copy-paste image in it's inactive state)
  2. Move mouse and Click at Center of found image

same for the other two

Thanks hello, I tried this approach but it's pretty unreliable. It worked a few times but fails most of the time. I've attached the macro set I created, any help would be most appreciated:
Application — Craft Macros.kmmacros (172.5 KB)

Your approach is exactly how I'd do it.

To improve reliability, try

  • Reduce fuzziness, move the slider to the left until you get a better result
    (while testing, check the Display checkbox to see if there's anything else being recognized as the image you want to click)
  • also, use Unique instead of Best, that might help too.

Thanks, I tried all those things and all I get is this error which is not very helpful

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 3.40.47 PM

I could really use some help figuring out how to use this error message — I have no idea where to look to troubleshoot where this macro is going wrong.

@jochi you can either:

  • Reduce the fuzziness, move the slider to the left and press Try until it only finds the image you added, or
  • Instead of "all screens", select in that dropdown Area, and place some coordinates

question: does Craft app support AppleScript? if it does, there might me an easier way

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I encountered this issue as well, as I tried getting Craft to open the current daily page and discovered Craft URL schemes.

For example, to open "Today", add an Open URL action to your KM macro, setting the URL to:

craftdocs://openByQuery?query=today&spaceId=<<your spaceID here>>
Replace <> with your space ID, which you can get from copying a deeplink of any page in your Craft space.

It may not be necessary, but I also set the OpenURL action to use Craft to open the URL.

Other options for the query parameter include:

  • yesterday
  • tomorrow

More on Craft's URL scheme can be found here: Using URL Schemes in Craft

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