Should I disable this function or not?

Hi, do I need to turn off the evaluate function on my MacBook M1 Pro? I am still determining the CPU usage and whether it should be on by default.


Generally it is good to have it on.

The feature controls Keyboard Maestro evaluating conditions and showing you their results in real time in the editor, which it does by checking the condition every second and displaying the results in the action.

The primary reason for turning it off is security related, if you import a macro from an untrusted source (which is pretty much any source unless you yourself created it), then running the condition would immediately allow a script condition to run.

There are also some conditions that it can be very expensive to test, conditions that relate to scripts, especially AppleScript, or other interprocess communication, or searching the screen, etc. It's possible for this to be a performance issue, although usually the solution here is simply to stop editing the specific macro, since regardless of the performance, knowing the answer while you are actually editing the macro is probably a good thing.

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