Show a "Display text large" bezel but smaller

I like the idea of being able to show the bezel style notification that “Display text large” uses, but I’d like to be able to make it smaller, and possibly customize it’s display position and color etc. Size being the most important customization.


Noted. Although there is no obvious way to configure that given it is a menu selection in a variety of actions.

I just joined the forum to request the same feature. When I first applied a ‘display text’ action in a macro I was hoping it would use the same moderately sized bezel overlay as seen in the ‘Activate/Deactivate Macro Group’ action when ‘Display Toggle’ is enabled.

I hope you will consider expanding on the ‘display text’ action set.

Thank you.


Years later, please include me on the list of people wanting more control over the Display Text Large action. I'm looking for easy duration, size, opacity, and screen target. I really like a floating text action more than the HTML option.

You can change the duration - see this discussion thread

Oh - just saw the other discussion going on about this.