Show all keyboard shortcuts in main window

I can get carried away assigning keyboard shortcuts and then I want to add one and it already seems to be in use. So I look at All Macros > Macro list and I don't see that that shortcut is being used. Then I come to realized that it's the second one I defined. I have room on my screen to show more than one. Or maybe a toggle show the alternate macros.

Or maybe this has been implemented in some other way.


I couldn't survive the macOS without KM. Or more accurately how some apps implement things.

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I'm afraid I don't understand what you are asking for…?

Sorry. It appears I am wrong. They do show up. I don't know why I missed this, but maybe in haste didn't look carefully enough or looked in the wrong place.


Just to show what should and does happen. In this case I might have been trying to use keypad-2 for another macro and what I thought was happening was that I couldn't see why it didn't work as expected and then went and looked for where I had used it before. I often end up looking in macOS>System Preference>Keyboard>Shortcuts to see if I've assigned it before.

Above is a list of macros defined for one app. A very limited use case for a short term problem.


Above is the list of shortcuts for all macros and the keypad-2 shows up grayed out which is an indicator that is somehow defined.

I thought I'd run into this before and that's why I finally posted. I think I still have one case. Cmd-tab sometimes brings up the System app switcher instead of KM switcher. I'll dig into this and post if I figure out when it happens.

Thank you for responding Peter.

Peter, I think @KBM is asking for an option to show ALL hotkeys for each Macro in the Macro Panel List:

You're right, I think that's what I was missing.

That's not really practical, there could be half a dozen triggers.

The system switcher uses Command-Tab, but it is not configurable and not actually a hot key. So Keyboard Maestro intercepts it at a low level with an event tap (which is probably the same way the switcher works). Depending on the ordering of event taps will determine whether Keyboard Maestro or the system sees the key first. Usually it is Keyboard Maestro, but it can be the system, especially after Keyboard Maestro Engine launches at login.

Relaunching the Keyboard Maestro Engine will generally resolve the issue.

Why is it not practical? Couldn't you treat it like many apps (like the Finder) and show as many triggers as you can on the line, with an ellipsis if all want fit. Then the user could, if so desired, just expand the KM Editor window and Macro Panel.

Thank you for answering and saving me the time of trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I must have looked a dozen times to find the trigger for the System Cmd-Tab.

Well, you could list every trigger with two hot-key triggers twice etc. I'm not necessarily recommending that, just sayin'.

For what it's worth, I also have a whole folder of disabled macros with hot-keys I've defined elsewhere, like BTT. It's the only way I can keep them all straight.

Just bumping this up again

I find sometimes I assign a hotkey and then when I trigger it the first time I get a conflict palette which reminds me that hotkey has already been used.

Is there any way to get a comprehensive list of all assigned hotkeys so I can do this by other than trial and error?

I do not think you can list what you want easily
One option is to open the kmmacros file and parse the xmL files for the hotkey assignments
However, if you want to know if you have used a hotkey combo before
a: keep a database on same Tapforms. I have tried this but never manage to keep it uptodate
b: Keycue
c: to follow

Option c
This macro search is quite useful..... so you might like to try it

  1. [OS n] Macro search by name : hotkeycombo OS 8 .kmmacros|attachment](upload://1YAQBz0GeDg3rGd2jExx1ptjiYg.kmmacros) (4.7 KB)

Is there an upload there?

You can do a global search in KM for a specific hotkey to see if it is already being used.
Search Qualifiers

h: Match any macro with specified HotKey
Match any macro with any HotKey if no HotKey is specified.
Modifier Keys must be one of these: ⌃⌥⇧⌘
Example: h:⌘⌃C


If this is still a problem, you might take a look at KeyCue. It costs some money but does what you want and more.


Yes that is absolutely perfect - well worth paying for that

Much appreciated

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I haven't read this thread carefully, but I had this in my bookmarks:

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CheatSheet is free, but they put a text ad in it, on the far right.

Ads would not bother me but I do not think that CheatSheet adds in the user's keyboard maestro macros. Am I mistaken? That's why I started looking for something else.

My bad. It does not list Keyboard Maestro shortcuts.

I haven't used it in a while, so I had forgotten that.

KeyCue is your best bet for displaying Keyboard Maestro shortcuts.

I also use Keyboard Maestro's Display Text Large to remind me of important shortcuts:

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 1.52.54 pm