Show Palette of Macros not working -looking for way to troubleshoot the problem - going bananas


I want to implement the very useful Show Palette of Macros macro which appeared very promising, but I can't get any palette to display.

I cut it down to only one macro which I often use and know works.

I tried running the macro directly ('run'), changing all components, but nothing works, no palette is displayed.

There must be something that I don't understand because the macro does not show the image of a palette to configure.

I even installed a Touchbar emulator which works fine, and the macro do not appear in it.

thanks in advance for your time and help

If the Show Palette of Macros action is set to show active macros, it won't do anything if the macro group it points to isn't active for any reason. Try setting it to "All macros" and see if something doesn't change.

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both macros and macro group have to be active. thank you very much Gabe

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