Show Palette of Macros Using Group's Palette Appearance Settings?

I use a lot of palettes, and I'm trying to get one macro to show a couple of them after performing some other actions. I used the below actions, but the palettes that appear ignore the palette appearance and position settings of the two respective palette groups, one of which is connected to a particular window with the Snap Palette plugin and uses microscopic icons rather than readable buttons for compatibility with MetaGrid.

How can I get a macro to open another group's palette while respecting that groups normal appearance and position?

Keyboard Maestro Actions.kmactions (856 B)

It is because you are using the Action Show Palette of Macros rather than the Action Show Macro Group (which is a different Action) with "Show palette" as the option selected.

For me, the below shows the Group Palette where it was last positioned (and keeps all the Group’s Palette appearance settings).

Show Macro Group.kmactions (500 Bytes)

As I understand it, the Action Show Palette of Macros makes a brand new Palette showing whatever Macros and Groups you have selected for it.