Show palette when certain tab is active

Not sure if this is possible in KM so I wanted to ask.
I know KM seems to be based on the window and not the tab that’s active. Currently I’m using ZOC for my terminal application. I was hoping to use a specific palette when one type of session is open, versus another. My palette looks like this:
That’s all well and good; it works. What I’d love to see is when I have another tab open, that palette disappears/changes to another one containing a different rule, like … the focused window changes to ssh-linux for example.
Then I’d have palettes for each type of session.
What does work is if I change to the new tab, switch to another app, then switch back. Then the new palette appears with the new options for that session. I was just hoping to do it without having to tab out and in every single time - but if it’s because of the window title, I get it. Was just hoping KM would pick up the title change and then activate the right palette, but it does not.

I’m good… :wink:
I actually decided to create multiple palettes with the same hot key instead. I didn’t do that ever before, so now when I perform this, I get a floating window with all my macro groups that are available when zoc is open and I just pick the one I want to use. That works for me just fine.
Pretty cool, and simple!

Just like here :wink:

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Oh my gosh - thanks! That looks great! I’m going to try this out this afternoon. Thanks for the link on this, appleianer! People do such awesome things with KM. So many great ideas :slight_smile:

With the pallets I use in every app. Here you will find a tutorial “Shortcuts vs Palette”. It is unfortunately in German, but easy to copy.

And if the individual pallets are still to be colored, then look here: :wink:

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