Show percentage next to Fuziness slider [Feature Suggestion]

If we are presented with the green box showing the image we are using and then it shows the percentage of fuzziness needed, it would be great if the slider inside the action showed a percentage so we could see how much we are applying.
It would also be good if we could double click a field and add it manually by typing it.

What if you’ve got several green boxes onscreen? Your request wouldn’t work in that case. See my other post in reply to your other question about this.

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My understanding is that the green box with the percentage is showing the success rate of finding the specific image. It is not directly giving advice on the amount of fuzziness needed, or anything else (such as whether to use Best or Unique). You have to find those settings by trial and error.

For me, using found images works most reliably when the image is good enough that there is no need to change any settings (apart from trying Best instead of Unique).


It would be nice if Best ws the default.

You can save it with Best selected as a Favourite.

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The slider has tick marks at 25 50 and 75. The exact value of the fuzz should very rarely be relevant - either there is a significantly good match that is better than everything else or there isn't, and if there isn't then the results are going to be inconsistent.

If image matching was pixel perfect then the fuzz would not be needed, but it isn't because of factors like color matching and text anti-aliasing. Therefore the resulting percentage is going to vary, and thus the fuzz required is going to vary, so a precise value is not going to help.

There is no practical way to do this with the slider control, and as above, it would rarely be useful anyway.

Unique is the default because for clicking, you want a correct click every time - incorrect clicks can easily cause your macro to completely run off the rails and do who knows what.

Best should generally only be used if you are confident there is more than one match but they are all equally appropriate.


I was using Unique and I was having some issues until someone here suggested Best and it started working. I'm still a bit confused about these settings to make it work all the time

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In theory this makes perfect sense, in practice often Unique fails and Best finds the one image on screen. So yes, it would be nice to be able to set the default to Best.

Turn on the Display option, and Keyboard Maestro will show you exactly what it is doing.

In practice, it is highly unlikely I will make a less safe option the default.

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I already did, but that doesn't show any different results, so the Display doesn't really solve my issue of not understanding what those settings really do...
Kapture 2022-05-19 at 09.10.50

I tried Unique with fuzziness all the way to the left, all the way to the right.
Tried Best also with fuzziness all the way to the left, all the way to the right.
I always get the green box with 1%.

So my question is: when is the 1% changing to another value? And what does that really mean in practical terms, if changing the fuzziness slider or the type (Unique vs Best) doesn't seem to make any difference?

With display, Keyboard Maestro will show the matches it gets on the screen.

In this case, it is getting only one match, with 1% fuzz, and it is both the best match and a unique match, which is why it is in green.

When there are multiple matches, it will show the unique match in green if there is a single match that is significantly better than every other match. Other matches will be shown in orange.

The fuzz shown in the box is always the fuzz level required for that match.

So for your example, it really doesn't matter what the settings are, because your match is an excellent, unique, match.

For example, matching for this:


(not the small amount of “s” in the image).

will show this with a fuzz setting of about 30%:

because there is a clear winner, but four of the images match, so not a unique winner.

Drop the action fuzz setting down to about 10% and there will be a clear, unique, winner.

The image in this example is too small to show the fuzz in the rectangle, but that's unusual.

Unique is the default because unique is safe. Best is ok, but a change could result in the wrong “e” (in this example) being clicked, which could be disastrous.


Sure, but allow me to change the default.

Save it as a favourite. Job done.

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