Simplest way to create animated GIFs for this forum?


Thanks, but what torture!?!?! :wink:
Which one to pick?

Come on, tell us your favorite. :smile:


Has anyone used GIF Brewery?


Hey Dan,

Itโ€™s a freebie, so I just tried it out. It seems pretty easy to use and fairly full-featured.

After 15 minutes of playing with it I give it a thumbs-up โ€“ not perfect, but not bad at all.

I own copies of ScreenFlow, SnagIt, and GraphicConverter but havenโ€™t used any of them enough in creating animated GIFs to comment at this time.




One of the biggest concerns to me is file size. This forum has a limit on attachment file size, and that limit applies to images as well.

I donโ€™t remember what the limit is, but I ran into it with one animated GIF I was working on. IIRC, the Animated Gif was created by SnagIt, but it might have been ScreenFlow.

So, as I said, file size should be taken into account when considering options.


I agree, file size is an important consideration.

I have created a number of SnagIT videos, which then can be saved as animated GIFs. So far I have not had any forum rejections, due to file size or otherwise.

Having said that, I think that LiceCap produces a very small GIF. Iโ€™ve used it a long time (before SnagIT feature was available) with great success.