Simplified Palette Creation and Palette In-App Options

This is a variation or re-request and expansion of Is it conceivable to create an app-specific ‘select or show menu’ action extraction engine’?

The Select Menu Item action has access to all the menu items in all apps during setup via the popup menu in the Select or Show Menu action. I frequently create a palette with at least a few menu items for many of the apps I use. These augment and sometimes replace the items in the app’s toolbar.

Would it be reasonably resource-intensive to create an option within KM that presents a grid with all the menu items for a selected app listed along with a checkbox beside each item that once checked then produces an app-specific group and palette of those items?

Secondary ideas.

Have palettes be adjustable like windows with the contents resizing as a corner or side is dragged.

Option-clicking a palette presents a menu with options for palette and text color and text size adjustments.

I have no idea of how big a request this is and looking at what it would take to produce this might make this absurd. That you returned the idea back in the above-referenced post suggests you were not interested in taking this on five years ago. Maybe things have changed?