Simulate hold hot key

Hello everybody.

I’m new to Keyboard Maestro caus’ i have a specify need.

On a software, i need a button to be active only when i press and hold the space bar.

The problem is that i can’t change the mode of the button from direct to hold : i need to hit twice the space bar to activate and desactivate the button, instead of simply release the hot key.

I try this configuration :

  • When space bar is release, press and release space bar + When space bar is down, press and release space bar

But it don’t work like i want…

Some of you had ever do this ? Or have a solution for me ?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Edgar,

Can you provide more details about the software you want to use Keyboard Maestro with? What button exactly do you want to be active when you press and hold the space bar, and why goal are you ultimately trying to achieve by doing so? If you can more specifically describe what it is you want to accomplish, or better yet, show us with screenshots, we should be better able to help you.