SMPTE TimeCode Subtract Macro (v10.0.2) for Cue Sheets (Film Score)

SMPTE TimeCode Subtract Macro (v10.0.2)

SMPTE TimeCode Subtract.kmmacros (14 KB)

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So I studied Calculations with SMPTE timecode and created a simple macro for finding the duration of each cue in a cue sheet.
The Heart of the macro belongs to JMichaelTX and I made some changes so it automatically does the rest.

Select the first cue's Ending Timecode before running the macro. It will then ask you to enter how many cues are in the cue sheet and indicate your frame rate... (It simply deducts the starting timecode from the ending timecode and then inserts the difference and then moves on to the next cue).

Hope it helps some people.