[SOLVED] Can't Use Option-M, Option-G, Option-D, Etc as Hotkey Trigger

I can use option J, K,L and O for triggers but not M,N etc. Option-M writes a lower case greek Mu, option-N generates garbage, option-G a copyright sign, option-D writes a lower case Greek Delta, etc., etc. I need more trigger keys. I can't figure out who set my option M, N, G, D, etc. Any idea of where I can find where these are set? And why keyboard maestro can't overwrite them?
This is true of version 9 and 10.
thanks, jeff

Hi @jjeffdavis and welcome to the Forum.

I think you might have to upload some example macros (where the hot key doesn’t work and where it does). It is very hard to provide an answer without seeing how your Macro is set up.

Here is a link on how to do that: How to Post Your Macro to the Forum

Also, what Text App are you using the Macros in (Word, Pages etc)?

The behaviour you describe for Alt-G for example is the default Mac OS behaviour i.e. typing a copyright sign. But Keyboard Maestro is perfectly capable of overriding that so, what you are seeing is not expected behaviour.

At a first guess I would say that the App you are typing in is Disabled in Keyboard Maestro with either the Group or the individual Macro in a Disabled state. There is a check mark to enable or disable individual Macros and Applications can be chosen or excluded for Groups.

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Oops! yes, the macro was disabled.

No problem. Glad the solution was simple!