[SOLVED] Open panel with several variables as clickable buttons?

I have several global variables with different values, in this case, song names.
When I export images from Photoshop by using a shortcut, I want KM to open some kind of panel with all of those variables so I can pick the song name, and then the macro will add the value from the chosen variable to the filename.

How can I achieve this?

My only issue now is "how to show the variables values as clickable buttons (or something else I can click/choose)"?
Everything else is pretty standard.

Edit: I was thinking that maybe the Custom HTML Prompt could be an option. I could have all values displayed as radio buttons and then I would press some "Submit" button. I'm not familiar with how that action works, though.

I'm comfortable with building the HTML and CSS, but don't know how KM then uses it. Any help with this?
Or if there's an easier/faster way, I'm all ears...

I found the solution by using the Prompt With List action. Super easy!