[SOLVED] Pause until specific folder exists in Finder

I see the Pause Until A Folder Exists (at this path), but that's very vague, because I don't want to check if there's A folder, I want to check if there's THE folder. How can I achieve that?

I'm using an action to duplicate a certain folder and I would like to pause until the folder is available, but also when it's done with duplicating everything, meaning, if the original folder has 5GB of data, it will take a while until the new folder is ready to be renamed, for example. Is there a way to check if THE folder (instead of A folder) exists and check if it stopped copying all content?

Can you give some context about how the folder is being made to appear at that location? If you're copying a file, for example, you don't need a pause; KM won't move on until the copy has completed.

I'm using the Duplicate action.
I was just testing 2 different options:
1 - A folder with 100MB
2 - A folder with 80GB

And after the Duplicate action I had the Notification action just so I could see if it was triggered before the "copy" folder was available.

With option 1, it triggered the notification almost immediately, BUT the folder was not visible right away so if for example I wanted to rename that new folder, I would probably get an error?

With option 2, it was the opposite. The folder was shown right away as it was copying files, so the notification was not triggered right away.

Will KM always know that it needs to wait for the folder to be visible before it renames it? So even if the folder is not visible, will KM be able to rename that folder?

I wanted to make sure that even at times when it doesn't always show the folder right away, that the renaming is being done behind the scenes, you know what I mean?

You can use the Copy a File action to duplicate and rename in one move.


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That's the one I'm using, but I'm first duplicating it, because it's in the same parent folder, and then I have another action to rename it (using the Move option inside that type of action).

I didn't know the Copy option was able to actually duplicate it. That action is a bit confusing to be honest. The "Move" is used to "Rename"? Doesn't make sense to me...

Thanks for sharing that tip! It saves me one action and it guarantees that there's no hiccups

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