[Solved] Safari Macro Group Is Disconnected From Safari After Ventura Update

Hey Everyone,

I noticed that after updating to macOS Ventura, KM is no longer able to execute certain macros with Safari (centered around XPaths and button clicking).

I believe this is a Safari issue, as other non-Safari-related macros seem to work okay. I've changed nothing about my setting, and see that the KM Safari automation permissions are also unchanged. Would anyone have any ideas as to what went wrong?


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Try this:


Amazing, thank you!

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Thank you - that was really helpful. I had three kms that previously worked fine all in a Safari group. They all stopped working after updating to OS Ventura but, dragging them from the Safari group to the global macro group and they all work again.

Hey Richard,

You're not leaving them there are you?

You want to fix the original Safari macro group – or create a new one – and move the now global macros back to it.


Hi Chris,

I had been intending to just leave them in the global group but seeing your note I created a new Safari group and dragged the three Safari macros into the new group.

Strangely they all work in the new Safari group. I'm not sure why they all stopped working before but it does seem 'tidier' now they're in a specific Safari group.

For any others experiencing this issue, (Safari group keys not working):

My first clue was that the icon to my Safari Group had a small curved arrow in the bottom left of the icon, like an alias would have.

I assigned a new icon to the group and also assigned the group (available in these applications) to the Safari application again, even though it showed as it was assigned to Safari already... then deleted the 'old' Safari.

It then worked.

Very interesting.

After a suggestion from Chris I setup a new Safari group and dragged the three macros into it. At first they worked fine, but an hour or so later they stopped working – so I switched back to my global group where they work fine.

Now I notice that my Safari group icon is a lighter blue than all my other groups. There's clearly something going wrong with this. I'd be interested to know if your fix has worked 'permanently' or if it has gone back to not working after a while?

There do appear to be some issues with Launch Services and the speed with which it is updating its databases after upgrading to Ventura.

Mine are working fine since 3 days ago when I made the change.

Yeah, this is not good. Something weird is going on with your system...

Use Interactive Help in the Keyboard Maestro Editor's Help menu, and run it on one of the macros in question.


If that doesn't help you troubleshoot the issue then:

  • Rebuild LaunchServices with the appropriate version of Onyx.
  • Reboot.
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Hi @ccstone,

Have followed your advice and, rebuilt launch services database plus restart.

So far, fingers crossed as it's just twenty minutes ago, it's worked.

Many thanks for your helpful advice.

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Rebuilding the Launch services database (use Cocktail or Onyx) followed be a restart worked for me.

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Yeah, same thing here something is going on with the Ventura update. Quicksilver seems to keep struggling to find Safari. After a couple of days, Safari keeps getting forgotten as "Available in these applications" I select it from the open apps and am good for a short bit. I'll try rebuilding launch services and cross my fingers that it sticks. Thank you.

Another data point: creating a new group and dragging the old macros to it likewise worked for me.


same here, tx for solution, worked fine!

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I take it back. Today it's not working again.

I had much the same experience. Creating a new group and dragging the macros in there or creating a new group and re-creating the macros seemed to work but often in twenty minutes or so (sometimes 15-30 hours) they would stop working. On the advice of ccstone I rebuilt the LaunchServices database and re-booted. Since then the Safari group macros have been working and its a few weeks ago I dd the re-build. I used Cocktail to rebuild the LaunchServices database but Onyx I think does it also and is free. Maybe give that a try>>

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Unfortunately, it didn't help at all. I used Onyx to do the rebuild.

This has worked for me:

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