Sometimes Time-Triggered Macro Won't Complete

I have a simple macro. It executes at a defined time. It launches an application. It uses a command key to choose a menu item that opens a window. It uses mouse location to click a button. It sends the keystroke "End". That's it. It fails when selecting a menu item. However, if I click the Run Selected Macro button, it works perfectly. If I set the time to a minute or two ahead of the current time, it works perfectly. I have a similar macro with the same behavior. I changed the command key menu item selection to use the "Select or Show a Menu Item." That didn't work. I use 4 second pauses before the failed steps. That didn't work. I have three other "At Time" triggers. They all work.

Howdy, if possible, post the macro itself so we can take a look at it and see what might be going wrong. As one of the moderators likes to say, "If we're not testing we're guessing, and guessing often wastes people's valuable time". :laughing: If you need help on how to post the macro, just let us know and we can walk you through it.


Hey Greg,

What app?

Under what conditions is the macro running?

  • I the Mac asleep?
  • Is the screensaver running?
  • Etcetera.

As Chris T. suggests – it's a good idea to post the macro.