Sort mail by Date Received in Apple Mail Inbox

Does anyone have a keyboard combination or action to sort mail by date received instead of having to click on the column header "Date Received"?

Thank you.

I'm assuming you are talking about the Mail app in macOS. It's not clear because you used the phrase "Date Received" which is not the exact wording in the Mail app as I look at it.

If I'm right, you should be able to do it using a KM action because sorting by date in the Mail app is accessible in a menu item under "View" then "Sort By" then "Date". There is an Action called "Select or Show a Manu Item" in KM which lets you name a menu item to click on. In this situation the word "Select" means "Click" which wasn't obvious to me at first.

I didn't test it! But I'm talking about doing this:


Many thanks!

I’m going to try your suggestion asap…and I think it will work…but there is a column in the Mail Inbox titled “Date Received”, which I’ve had KM click on to sort the mail.

That works, but gets clumsy if I decide to adjust the size off the Inbox window. This is also true of the “Flag” column. Your suggestion will help and I’m annoyed with myself

for not seeing this.

I’ll let you know how this works out.


Not in my Mail app. I guess one of us has customized their interface. Anyway, glad it helps you.

Hey Albert,

@Sleepy's shown you the easy way to do this.

Here's how to do it with AppleScript.

If the sort column is NOT Date-Received when the macro is run then it is selected and given an ascending sort.

Subsequent activations of the macro will toggle the sort direction.


Menu ⇢ Sort ⇢ Column ⇢ Date Received ⇢ Toggle (AppleScript).kmmacros (6.0 KB)

In Mail, under “View”, there is a “Column” choice…”Date Received”. Your idea works.

Thanks again


Yes…Sleepy’s idea is simple enough…and it works. This issue, although not critical to the use of Mail, is just another example of the utility of KM…and the value of an open forum for Q & A assistance.

Many thanks for your thoughts…