Sort User Input By 5 Categories Based on the First Letter (A-E, F-J, K-O, P-T, U-Z)

Here is a macro to evaluate the user's input and select one of 5 categories (A-E, F-J, K-O, P-T, U-Z) depending on the first letter of the input:

Sort user input in 5 categories A-E, F-J, K-O, P-T, U-Z, based on first letter.kmmacros (8.0 KB)

Hey Hans,

Run the macro.

Type the first letter of the category.


User Input By Category Example v1.00.kmmacros (14 KB)

Thanks, Chris, but the macro was part of a bigger constellation:

So? Use my macro as an example, tear it apart and use the relevant bits.

I think it does what you wanted.


My macro evaluates the client’s name. In yours, I have to select the category.

Ah, so. My mistake.

I misinterpreted what you were doing and read “needed” as “need”.


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Yeah, most of the time I need something. This time I wanted to contribute something :).

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Thanks for clarifying. That was not clear in your OP, especially since you uploaded it to the Questions & Suggestions. Macros you want to share are usually uploaded to the Macro Library category. I have moved it for you this time.

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