Sounds in ~/Library/Sounds not in menu of Play Sound action

The sounds in my ~/Library/Sounds folder are not offered as choices in the “Play sound” dropdown menu of the Play Sound action. They do show up in the list of alert sounds in the Sound Effects tab of the Sound Preference Pane. I realize I can select Other…, but then I have to:

  • Browse to that folder
  • Select a Sound
  • Click Open

At that point the sound plays, as appropriate, and gets added to the menu of available sounds. But the next time I restart IM they are all gone.

Same here. It seems KM only reads from /System/Library/Sounds.

Yes, only sounds in /System/Library/Sounds and /Library/Sounds are found. I will expand the search for a future version.

You can select the sound from the Other… menu item.

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